My green footprint

Initially, I wrote this to apply for DENSO for Earth Action.

But still can share with you here. 🙂

I “did” more than I speak, but I write more than I try.


Ecoventure 2009—NTU Earthlink Annual Outreaching programme

Earthlink is the only Environment society in NTU (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore). I involve in this programme as Chief Programmer, who is in charge of Singapore green technologies exhibition, eco-forum, eco-camp and teaching sessions in Chong Qing Jiao Tong University and Chong Qing Foreign Language School, China. The target audience of this event is around 23,000, including the public media in Chong Qing city.

National Environment Agency—Industrial Attachment

I am having my 5-month attachment at Waste Minimisation Unit, Resource Conservation Department of National Environment Agency. The objective of unit is to promote Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Several projects are in-charged of, for example, the research of recycling rate and economical incentives in several countries, like Netherlands, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Germany. Apart from that, I am helping my colleagues in improving the waste stream minimisation of glass and food waste. Moreover, we (with other interns) are helping in improving National Recycling Programme of Singapore. The location and condition of 1600 recycling bins of HDB are being updated. Several surveys towards schools and shopping have been conducted. Furthermore, we assist in the early enforcement of mandatory of recycling receptacles in condominiums and private estates. Other minor tasks, for example conducting BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) survey and contributing idea in Recycling Day Event, are also involved.

60 Earth hour 2009—Helping Earthlink patrol in campus

This year, NTU officially involved in Earth hour, organised by WWF. I am helping out in patrolling the NTU campus during Earth hour to explain the objectives of Earth hour to those students who never came across this event.

NTU Hall 14 Recycling drive—by NTU Tzu Ching

NTU Tzu Ching is an informal and youth sub-organization of Singapore Tzu Chi Foundation. About 30 members of us are targeting Hall 14 residents to invite them to bring their recyclables to our collection point and join our sorting demonstration, if possible. The objectives of this event are to promote source separation and invite the residents to experience the sorting process. Public awareness can be raised up through demonstration and educational video-showing. As a vice-chairperson of NTU Tzu Ching, many measurements and considerations are taken into account during the preparation of this event.

Lien3challege—Non-profit business plan by Lien Foundation

Lien Foundation is a non-profit organisation, which help in improving the quality of life of rural area in neighbouring countries through the application of technology. This year, they have come out with a business plan competition to promote their objectives. My friend and I have participated in this competition and we are still waiting for the semi-final result at this moment. Our idea is basically to reduce the misuse of recycling bins through the combination of bins-adoption and charity.

Giving advice in “Reuse your lecture note” programme—CEE School

I have been helping in polishing a new idea that comes out by my friend to promote the reuse of lecture note in our school, Civil and Environmental Engineering School (CEE).

Helping in Tzu Chi Monthly Recycling Activity—Tzu Chi, an international Buddhist Charity Organisation that originates from Taiwan

I have learnt how to do door to door survey and collection, as well as sorting skill for recyclables in Singapore since 2007 until present. Besides, my friends and I had conducted a two-day public education teaching session about environmental protection, which was held during an annual charity Bazaar of Singapore Tzu Chi Foundation.


Representing NTU Tzu Ching promoting “Bring your own bowl” in NTU Earthlink Environmental Awareness Campaign

Having booth to encourage NTU staff and students to bring their own chopsticks and food wares anytime anywhere to boycott the consumption of disposable chopsticks and food wares in both main canteens of NTU. We received a good response and sold out a certain amount of reusable chopsticks and food wares. Personally, I have practiced “bring my own bowl” since 2007.

Exchange green idea with other countries Tzu Ching in a week camp in Taiwan

During this camp, I have learnt about the current situation of our environmental destruction and how to reduce the speed of human destruction. Becoming a vegetarian is the most effective way to slow down global warming and personally, I have switched to vegetarian since 2008. Many ideas are being shared and learnt from each other, i.e. the youth representatives from Australia, USA, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.


NTU Recycling drive—by NTU Tzu Ching

NTU Tzu Ching is an informal and youth sub-organization of Singapore Tzu Chi Foundation. We helped in door-to-door recyclable collection then sorted those recyclables at several collection points. The target audience of this year is 9000 hall residents. However, we have found out that this system is less effective and switched to the system in 2009.


Started actively writing blog to promote green movement
Writing blog is a new way to reveal some “inconvenient truth” and create environmental awareness.


Prefect friendship league (2004—2005 Male Head prefect)

We have visited Danum Valley, a preserved virgin rainforest in Sabah, and have joined Miki Survivor Camp (two times) in these three years. I learnt a lots of nature knowledge and survivor skills during day and night jungle trekking.


Mount Kinabalu climbing
I organised a trip to climb Mt Kinabalu, the fourth highest mountain in South East Asia and the highest in Malaysia and Borneo island. I learnt a lot of basic knowledge in mount climbing from my seniors during this adventurous trip.

Publishing my environmental essay in local newspapers
My little research (in Chinese) on environmental issues had been published continuously in a local newspaper for one month. I did this research under the encouragement of my form teacher in 2001.


Sabah Nature Club (2002 Vice-president )

As the only nature appreciating club in our secondary school, our club had organised beach-cleaning activity, campus-cleaning activity, eco-forum, swamps-area visiting, and tree-planting activity.

Winner of inter-class recycling competition
Our class won the first prize in the inter-class recycling competition, as we accumulated the highest amount of recyclables in 6 months time.

My green footprint”的一个响应


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