[Children & Mum]

Children: Mum, happy 62nd birthday!

Mum: How dare you! It is impolite to insist a woman older than her actual age. I am only 56 years old!

Children: Dad always tell us that your birthday is same with him!

Mum: I was too naive to marry him when I was not yet 1 year old then!

Children: Huh?

Mum: I born in 1963. We married in 16 Sep 1963, although our parents plan to arrange the marriage in 31 Aug 1963. But my neighbors protested this marriage, they wanted me to marry their sons respectively. So this delayed the planned date.

Children: Dad told a different version!

Mum: Your dad is too arrogant, such a male chauvinism. He has been claiming his birthday as our marriage date. I have been serving him like a worker instead a wife all these years!

Children: Is it?

Mum: Don’t learn from your dad, you are mature enough to understand what is GENDER EQUALITY.

Cheers! The end.




『獨立日』在聯邦憲法正文裡一共出現了65次,然後在Article 160(2)裡面有明確定義(如下圖)。『馬來西亞日』出現了48次,在同個條文無明確定義;若有,會出現在『馬來人』定義之後。



以上不是個人研究成果,詳情請讀《The Queen’s obligation & Inter-Governmental Committee report》。



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