The Dragon of Kinabalu

A bed time legend used to be told by my father, and once was the must-read story in the syllabus of history textbook during colonial period.

Unfortunately, the story is forgotten by the Sabahan after the restructure of syllabus, in order to be more Malaya-centric. The history textbook is full of the stories from Malacca and Johore sultanate, without much local knowledge.

With the writing of Owen Rutter, a British colonial officer, this story survives and spreads to UK. The European even converts it into a number of comic videos for their kids. Why don’t we retell this story again to our next generation, in Malay, in Chinese and in Kadazandusun?

The Dragon of Kinabalu”的一个响应

      1. 这是代购啊。哈哈。Peralihan = 预备班。以前华小生上国中要先读一年的预备班。现在听说只有国语不及格的才必须读。


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