Sino design Angpow

I have been collecting special Angpow design for over 20 years. This is one of the most precious Angpow collections that combines both the Chinese and KDMR/Momogun culture. Should I name it as a ‘Sino’ angpow?

The celebration of Lunisolar New Year in Sabah is participated by all ethnic groups. I found this design at Chanteek Borneo Indigenous Museum, at Tampuruli. It is actually one of the three designs, that includes the Angpow for wedding as well.

The assimilated practices of Angpow are also found in Hari Raya Puasa (Eid al-Fitr) and Deepavali celebration, with Green and Purple/Yellow as main color. I even kept the Kongsi raya version that blends red & green in one packet from 1996-1998 when Hari Raya Puasa and Lunisolar New Year fell within the same month. The next Kongsi Raya will be in 2029 to 2031.


Kadazandusun language session:

Front phrase:
Kounsikahan = ko-unsikou-an = congratulation, literally means joy, glee, enjoyment, delighted, rejoincing.
Root word is ‘Unsikou’ = (to be) glad, happy, (to) rejoice.

Back phrase:
Tungkuso tokou koubasanan sondii = Our heritage, our culture = Warisan kita, budaya sendiri (in Malay)

Tungkuso = heritage, inheritance
Tokou = we, us (includes listeners)
Koubasanan = Ko-ubas-an-an = naturally, habitually, culture
Root word is ‘Ubas’ = (to be) familiar, habitual
Koubasan = Ko-ubas-an = fashion, habit, accustomed to


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