Malaysia Day is more than a holiday

Legal term is similar to programming language. Important term must be well defined in order to execute a program. Malaysia Day is mentioned in Malaysia Agreement 1963 (143 times) and Federal Constitution (44 instances) as the commencement date of the Federation of Malaysia.

“Malaysia Day” is properly defined as “16 September 1963” in the Article II of MA1963; however, not in the Federal Constitution. The Article 160 of Federal Constitution only defines “Merdeka Day” as “31 August 1957” and “The Federation” as “The Federation established under the Federation of Malaya Agreement 1957”!

Therefore, the current public holiday of Malaysia Day is an “Executive decision” only, it ends when the executive leaves his/her position. But the public holiday of Merdeka Day is a “Constitutional decision”, it remains as long as the Country remains together.

Also, the elites from central government may purposely ignore the definition of Malaysia Day in Federal Constitution, in order to execute the caveats and safeguards given in MA1963 and Inter-Governmental Committee Report at their own wishes.

In other words, the current Federal Constitution violates MA1963 and IGC report; and Malaysia is just an illusion for 54 years. In the author’s description, the Country in fact is “the Federation of Malaya, masquerading Malaysia”.

It is a sad and inconvenient truth. The only way to resolve of course is to demand the proper definition of “Malaysia Day” in Federal Constitution.


Malaysia Day is more than a holiday”的一个响应

  1. 我们要看清831和916这些日期表象背后的意识形态,它涉及对国家主权的认知,岂能用文化包容性来概括。《马来西亚宪法》第160条只有定义Merdeka Day (19570831),却没有定义Malaysia Day (19630916)。就假日而言,前者是Constitutional decision(只要国家存在就有放假的义务),后者是Executive decision(只要颁布命令的首相离职,就没有执行的义务)。两者的地位是有高低的,不能等同。

    作为启动马来西亚这国家的关键日期,Malaysia Day在《马来西亚协定》里被提了143次,在宪法里被提了44次,却没有在宪法里下定义。国阵有意不下定义,因为这样就可以避免执行在《马来西亚协定》里的承诺;却违反了国际法。而宪法里对于“The Federation”的定义是“The Federation established under the Federation of Malaya Agreement 1957”,但是沙砂却从来没有签署过Malaya Agreement 1957。



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