An open letter to fellow Sabah voters

The power of opposition parties in Malaysia is at its strongest now, and yet it is scattered at the same time.

A similar situation is happening in Sabah. Despite all opposition parties in Sabah, namely Pakatan Harapan, United Sabah Alliance, and the Sabah Heritage Party agreeing on Sabah autonomy, Malaysia Agreement 1963 and toppling of BN government as common targets, they barely agree with each other and find it difficult to work together to achieve the common targets.

Among the opposition leaders, there are at least three of them who have held the chief minister and federal minister posts prior to forming opposition parties, which means they have substantial experience in government and also gain popularity from indigenous Muslims of the East Coast and West Coast of Sabah, and indigenous Non-Muslims from the interior of Sabah, as well as the Chinese.


Nonetheless, these scattered powers have not gelled together, entirely due to the leaders’ intention to grab the majority of seats in the assembly. In the 2013 election, the multiple candidates’ battle within a constituency had cost Sabah four parliament seats (P168, P180, P181, and P182) and nine states assembly seats (N05, N11, N29, N31, N32, N34, N3, N38 and N45).

Consequently the opportunity to deny the two-third majority of seats to BN in the state assembly was lost.

However, this does not mean the opposition powers never come together as one. After the March 8, 2008 general election, Sabah DAP, Sabah PKR and PAS Sabah agreed to strategise the constituency battle against BN, while we observed Star, SAPP and Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS) agreed to form the United Sabah Alliance in the post-505 GE era.

Recently, the Alliance also roped in Parti Harapan Rakyat Sabah led by LajimUkin, a former federal minister and former deputy chief minister, which further consolidates the opposition powers.

Therefore, Sabahans should not continue to allow Sabah politicians to manipulate Sabah’s destiny. As brilliant voters, we should voice out our intention to the leaders of Sabah opposition parties.

For the past one month, Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman has spotted the juncture whereby the opposition parties are still falling apart and hence the rumours regarding state elections would be expected as early as April 2017. However, the strongest fortress of BN in the East Coast of Sabah has started to feel the opposition tremor after the last GE. Therefore, the incoming GE will be the best time for a change of government.

If we do not want to see our beloved Sabah continue to be occupied by illegal immigrants, not to see the abundant wealth of Sabah to be continuously exploited by the unfaithful politicians, not to see the harmonious racial relationship being destroyed and provoked by the extremists, we shall sign this noble and great petition.

Kindly note that please do not undermine the power of the petition. Sabah has had government transitions four times in the past, which is the most in the country. Also as per records, in 2011, we fought the construction of coal-fired power plant in the East Coast of Sabah and it became one of the few successful green movements in Malaysia. Also, we stopped the Atkinson Clock Tower development plan for the sake of cultural and historical heritage in the same year.

In 2013, we successfully gathered 100,000 signatures to protest at the draconian verdict of the Singaporean court, and seek another chance for Yong Vui Kong.

In 2013, Sabah has close to one million registered voters, and the number of those who cast votes for opposition parties (in the state assembly) in 2013 was around 320,000. Our target is to obtain 100,000 signatures in the petition. We hope that the petition is signed and shared so that everyone is aware of the intention of the petition.

Last but not least: “Gabungkan Pembangkang Sabah, Satu Lawan Satu!”


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