Rainforest Hero – The Life And Death Of Bruno Manser


最近在讀這本書,很難想像身邊還有很多人不知道Bruno Manser,尤其是那些在關心砂拉越州選的人。該州六大木商集團左右著該州的政經,甚至全馬主要的華文報章。






Rainforest Hero – The Life And Death Of Bruno Manser
Author: Ruedi Suter
Publisher: Strategic Information and Research Development Centre, non-fiction

The book starts out with the search for clues about Swiss activist Bruno Manser’s disappearance in the ancient jungles of Sarawak.

The author of the book, Swiss journalist Ruedi Suter, and Manser’s brother Erich embarked on an expedition to look for Bruno; they arrive at the spot where he is last seen by his indigenous companions Nari and his son at about 2pm on May 25, 2000.

After that, Bruno is said to have continued to journey to what is apparently Batu Lawi and he subsequently disappeared.

Initially, the book appears as though it is going to provide some clues to Bruno’s disappearance.

It does create a bit of a puzzle there on whether the book is about the search for him or about his life, as the book title suggests.

But by the second chapter, Bruno’s life begins to unfold in the 330-page book.


Read full text: http://www.star2.com/culture/books/book-reviews/2016/04/27/review-rainforest-hero-the-life-and-death-of-bruno-manser/


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