Tanjung Aru Beach & KK City Mall

 Meeting Kingsley and Sing Keong @ Tanjung Aru First Beach


The food court of Tanjung Aru where we can see illegal immigrant very often.


Tanjung Aru Beach was a very famous beach in 1970s as Port Dickson beach. The privatization of this beach management several years back successfully resumed it popularity.


These colorful light are sold everywhere here. Local, immigrants and tourists love them much.


Playing around with long exposure.


Over-expose, but I like the feel.


Tanjung Aru First Beach @ Night. I missed this beach, the memory with “Kenneth Family” is here. We used to chit-chat here, watching the silver full-moon reflection from the South China Sea and listening to the wave.



The salad drink I had in Food Court and the “Wantan Ho kosong” I had here. (Unexpected, they are using Styrofoam –_-“)


After having dinner in Tanjung Aru, we headed to PappaRich in Citymall, I suppose this is the first branch they have in Sabah.


Nick Chang, I knew him for 17 years. We met in Kindergarten with King. Our parents knew each other as well, since Beaufort is a small district with population of 16000 only. A sentimental young man with sincere words. A will-be civil engineer.


King, we call him “King”. He just revealed his full name in Facebook recently: Kingsley Jayaraj Mahesan. He calls himself “Chindian”= Chinese + Indian. But I just knew that his father’s ancestor is not from Indian, but Sri Lanka (Ceylonese)! A future doctor.


A cup of coffee, with two childhood friends, listening to Jazz. A relax life in Sabah. Never-ending topics, with some childish cold jokes, in Sabahan-style of Mandarin: a mixture of Mandarin, Hakka, Malay, English and a bit Cantonese. Warm.



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