Fotos de Febrero 2010


A celebration with Yi Sing @ Canteen B, with Joanna Ti as our special guest.

From Left to Right: Hui Yi, Jackson, OJB, me, Yi SIng, Joanna, Yun Shu, Kenneth, Johnathan and Jian Wei.


Lee Wee Nam Library @ 8:30am. “Hungry ghost” rushing into the library. And, I was among them too!


Used to the life of having dinner alone in this single-deluxe room, facing computer, stuffing the net and taking a short rest, before starting of FYP report writing. A good chance for to add in some supplementary food like laver (Wasabi Nori) and Vegetarian Soy Fibrous Shredded.


Thanks for all those Li Bao. I received them quite late, after I came back from Sabah. I like food, as they will transform into our body cells after consumption. Haha.


I will spend some time to read this famous writing about Sabah. This is how the nickname of Sabah “Land Below the Wind” originated. 

(The end)



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