Foto de Deciembre 2009—Patre Uno


KS’s white little Buddha, which sometime I worshipped to, before I went to exam hall.


Meeting my sis @ ION Orchard, Orchard Road


Inside the big Christmas tress, outside ION Orchard


Haha~~ Delicious ice-cream 😉 Treated by Amy Ng and Li Si sis.

Copy of 100_7537

Hehe… Second time Singing K, three hours non-stop, with Chee Kean and KS.


BBQ with Prof Wang’s PhD groups and FYP groups @ East Coast Park


The morning scenery outside Chern Han’s room.


Everyone was amazed by the 180 degree rainbow.


Back to “Malaysia”, with the Malaysian-altitude Security Guard also!


I can’t predict the population of snails in NTU, it is too much! Taken @ N1 rooftop way, after rain.


This is Majlis Bandaraya Johor Bahru, not Pos office la…


The last glance of my long hair @ JB Indian Barber shop.


The morning which our lab was flooded due to pipe leaking @ level 6 AND the break down of our incubator shaker!!!


A lots of interesting incidents happened in the first part of December. The life was not boring as I imagined after the leave of my roommate. FYP= Finish Your Project!!! 18 days left back to Sabah 🙂

Foto de Deciembre 2009—Patre Uno”的一个响应


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