How to preserve raisin ;)

Several months ago, my aunty 4 sent us (including my siblings and cousins) an email mentioning the advantages of taking raisin, e.g. anticancer. A method is taught to preserve raisins by soaking them in dilute vinegar solution for 2 days. It is believed that will enhance our positive health effects and the Raisin taste, 😉

So, I check the food supplements given from my sis, yeah~ I found the most important indigent, vinegar in pills form. How about the second indigent? Raisin can be simply bought from Fairprice and any hypermarket in Singapore. However, I have my own preference in buying raisins. So, I checked with the vegetarian food supplement shop opposite Nature Farm in old Jurong Point. In the end, Organic raisins are found and bought.

Now, let me show you the making process.


An empty glass bottle (prefer cylinder size) is prepared to contain the raisin and the vinegar solution.


These 6 vinegar pills will be dissolved with water. Distribute the pills evenly among the raisins.


Leave some space at the top of bottle as the raisin will be swollen after 1 day.


Day 1: Take two or three teaspoon of raisin and its juice daily. I treat the juice as “grape jam” to spread on bread slices during breakfast.


Day 2: This serving can last for 4 days.


I have been doing this preservation for three times and so far causes no food poisoning. Believe me, it is nutrimental and delicious ^^


How to preserve raisin ;)”的一个响应


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