Fotos de Noviembre 2009


Initially it was Mengli’s birthday cake, but she gave me this cake as my belated birthday cake ^^


The diagram of contamination process through subsurface and air, Integrated Environmental Management popular past year question.


The first time in my life receiving wedding invitation card, from Puay Cheow, 26 Dec night ^^


My softboard, haha~ The self-portrait was drawn by street artist in Chongqing, China.


Having pizza hut dinner with KS, my third time in Singapore in these three and half year of studies.


Thanks Karen for always giving me one more extra biscuit pack^^


The “cats and dogs” morning rain in Art, Design and Media school.


Xiang Ji Mian again, with extra Chinese Herbs and Seaweeds~


I described it as the “new Causeway link” in between Malaysia and Singapore. But this time, Malaysians owned the cleaner part of the shared toilet.


This is not wastewater, but delicious green beans soup. Haha~ Only Yi Sing, OJB, Simon and Yuan Siang tried it before…


The mixed rice of Canteen 1 Indian stall, not bad~


On my way to Pasir Ris Jing Si Tang, 6am Singapore morning, inside a taxi with Malay driver. He recognized Tzu Chi uniform!!!

Fotos de Noviembre 2009”的一个响应


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