Photos of October 2009

I have been taking less and less photos in this semester. Reason? May be due to laziness and business, haha~~


Bryan was posing in front of my phone camera with his kindergarten uniform. The feeling of waiting a child outside a kindergarten is quite weird for me.


Accompany KS to enjoy the beauty of Chinese Orchestra in NTU Nanyang Auditorium. This is the first time of attending CO concert after my secondary school life.


A special favor of “Summer Snow” made by Yi Sing, when I visited her stall in Canteen 2~


The evening scene that I took from my lab, Research Technology Plaza. Yes, Singapore still has rainforest~


The Indian Vegetarian Food (Pizza?) that I had in Little India with KS, one day after Depaavali~


Thanks Ley Sze for giving me this birthday egg, actually is the leftover letter “D” (BIRTH “D”AY) from her birthday celebration with the pretty girl upstairs. Haha~


This is an interaction game between NEA and the kids during the Recycling Day 2009 of South West Region. Just coincidentally, I was invited by Xiu Zhen Mama to conduct Wen Xuan 2 in 1 in that particular event. ^^



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