Photo September part 2


My dearest 2009 Tzu Ching camp Wen Xuan (Publicity & Publication) members: (from back to front, from left to right)
bro Rong Guang, Yao Quan senior, Mao Wen senior, bro Ah Leong, sis Zhong Yi, bro Hong Liang & myself.


The police were everywhere in Cityhall and Raffles City. Yeah, F1 night race that particular night.


My fifth visit to Singapore Art Museum @ City Hall, with ADM330 Lecturer and classmates.


Thanks to Jia Vui and the transfer of Davis’s flight… So that we can have pieces of cakes and coffee @ TCCC, Changi Airport


Did not meet Jia Vui, Fan Po and Davis for ages… although three of us living in this boring island.


Went to the void next to Tampines MRT station for Recycling Day with Yi Sing. Helping her to connect many people in this environmental field.


Having so many identities, but now they are all useless for me.


The Mid Autumn Festival Celebration with roommate. Tea and Moon cakes.


A KIA motorcar, which I found inside the factory of Ah Hiong Gogo, Cycle & Carriage @ Teban Garden.

p/s: Happy Birthday to Jia Xian, Wai Yan, Rong Guang Shi Xiong, Nick Chang, Yuan Siang, Qiu Ai and so on……


Photo September part 2”的一个响应


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