20 June–Heading to Chengdu

Finally, it is the end of event part. The retreat lunch has been cancelled due to some reasons. The other went out to have a last glance of Chongqing city. Jenn Bing, Yu Hau, Wee Hong, Soon Ann and I are staying in the hostel whole morning. Some of them are watching Stephen Chow’s old movie in the TV room. Meanwhile, Jenn Bing and I have to tidy up all the logistic items before 12pm, our check out time.

Yu Hau and I have met a foreigner, a backpacker also, from Australia. We have a nice chat with him. He had travelled to Hong Kong, Japan and Chengdu before he came to Chongqing. He tells us that he has taken 3 months leave for this trip and he works in a IT company (Intel). Then, he shares some travel experience in Amazon, Malaysia (He says that there is a stupid law), Singapore, Vietnam and so on. One-third of his annual salary is always prepared for backpacking. Wow~

Unfortunately, his DSLR camera and some cash had been stolen when he was on his way from Chengdu to Chongqing. So, hehe… It is my turn to help him translating his English to Mandarin. Yupe, for police report.


The end of the movie means the beginning of our lunch. As usual, Wee Hong, Yu Hau, Soon Ann, Yongxiang and I are having our lunch at small stall in the backstreet of our hostel. Then, Wee Hong, Yu Hau and I go to do some shopping in the Carrefour (once it was boycotted by all Chinese, because it is from France). We are surprised by the design of “properties-keeping box”, it is so high-tech and runs automatically! The “key” is a barcode. None of us use it before and acts like “katak di bawah tempurung” from Singapore, haha.

Yu Hau tells me that it is cheap to have a hair treatment in China. Even though the workers will help you to do some massage after hair-cutting/washing. So, two of us go to salon, to wash our hair. Yeah, it is cheap, only S$4! I don’t buy any souvenir from Chongqing, this luxury is an “invisible gift” for myself.

The 5-hours journey from Chongqing to Chengdu is time-consuming and tiring. Yu Hau and I try to gaze for the stars from the bus. We expect that stars would be spotted easily in a less light-polluted environment. However, it is a bit disappointed. There is a number of stars twinkling in the sky, but it is less than what we expect.

In the lobby of TIAN TAI hotel

By the time we reached the TIANTAI hotel, it is already 9pm. Mr OJB is allocated as my roommate during whole R&R session. Both of us do not go out to have supper. We have a simple meal, take an early rest and look forward for the second part of this trip—The journey to the “last Shangrila”, Dao Cheng-Yading.

The view of Chengdu from our room


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