H1N1 vs Global Wa…pe?

That is how people react to H1N1 influenza and global warming…

We are frogs… Retrieved from An Inconvenient Truth. (translated by Bernhan)

How can we link a vegetarian lifestyle to those infectious diseasesSsSsSs?

Thanks to Alvin… Our NTU Sociology fellow, he said, this is one of his exam questions!


Animals are kept in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO). This is psychologically stressful for the animal. Animals are sentient beings. In CAFOs, the combined manure output is staggeringly huge, causing problems with treating it. The stench fills the air around. The toxic mixture could leak into the ground water, making the local water supply unsafe to drink.

Due to the concentrated housing conditions of the CAFO, the animals are unable to exercise. The stress, confinement and inability to exercise lowers their immunity. The close proximity of their housing increases the rate of transmission of infectious diseases.


My previous MSN personal message saying: “穆斯林和素食者的坚持,可以减缓猪只间的传染。”(The insistency of vegetarians and Muslims, can slow down the disease transmission among pigs.)

Several friends comment on this PM, like: “H1N1 is not caused by pigs.” or “By consuming pork, we will not be infected.”

They are correct, directly, but not indirectly. There are still a lots of high-educated people cannot foresee the link that lies behind this statement. Or may be some of us refuse to admit that their non-vegetarian lifestyle is worse than a Muslim lifestyle, due to our political bias.

Isn’t it?

High moon, Mankind alone cannot control our ecosystem



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