Jurong West Discovery

After my IA has started, I feel that I only live in the MRT lines of Singapore in the past three years, where Jurong West is only comprised of bus 179 and 199 routes.

I have been waiting for this day long time ago, which I can ride my bicycle to check recycling bins and discover the whole Jurong West, which look familiar, but sound strange to me…



The nearest Shopping centre to NTU is ________ Jurong Point? Pioneer Mall?

Do you know where Pioneer Mall is?

The nearest Giant from NTU is not at IMM, Jurong East, but in Pioneer Mall, haha~

By the way, the answer is—- Gek Poh Shopping Mall!


The nearest Condominium to NTU is_________The Floravale!!

The Floravale

Where is the Old Nanyang Arch? Yunnan Garden??? That is a NEW arch!

The old Arch is just beside Jurong West SRC! The garden is named as “Yunnan Park”!


Yunnan Park


The nearest Church to NTU? ____________ City Harvest Church?

Yaya, you are right! But there is another Church near Gek Poh!

Actually, the old campus of Nanyang University including City Harvest Church to Pioneer MRT.

Like the private housing (Yunnan Drive) behind Jurong West SRC is in the part of old Campus area.


Do you know where is the old library of Nanyang University?

It is Canteen 2 itself!

Informed by a Ah Gong in Sirla Home, he was one of the construction workers of Nanyang University 50 years ago.

Yalar, there is still a storeroom for those aging books at the down stair of Can 2!





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