“Sir” Bernard

DSC03948认真工作的态度,被已经有一个女儿一个儿子的Polytechnic intern Jeevan 称为“Sir”, “You make me to respect you a, Sir Bernard. You know, this kind of respect is originated from my heart, sir.”


“Every time when you are doing your stuff in front of your computer and we called your name a, sir, it spends some time for you to back from another ‘dimension’ to the real world, then realize– This is Jeevan, this is Joyce…” 然后他就模仿我一副听不清楚,睡不醒的样子,果然超会模仿人。


小我三年的另一个poly intern,Joyce又对我说:“我已经把你当成 ‘老板’了,你要我怎样做我就跟你做。”果然够阔气。

“Where is your ‘god-mother’, sir?”。他们指的是那一位funny “aunty”,每次过来和我讲话,然后把其他的intern “skip”掉,他们难免有点心理不平衡。

“I am very disappointed” Alicia也边说边摇头 ,“How can you sleep in front of the lecturer?”,来自JC的Intern也在算我。那天的午餐之前,刚好我和韦良在参加“太阳能电板”的课程。

“Yalor, when I woke up I was shocked, you lie your body forwards to the table leh~ Very obvious, brave~~” 韦良也搭上一句来了。


这就是我们五个Intern,很好玩。 Alicia的internship这个星期就要结束了,我们还打算在recycling bin 前面拍照留念~~(Jeevan的怪主义)

先分享我在recycling bin里发现的,被人遗忘的Elmo。(拿回来是偷窃行为~)



p/s: 终于可以去稻城了,“最后一个香格里拉”,外国人进出还需要向当地政府申请呢。



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