BOYB survey 2—Funny uncle & Aunty

I had to complete 120 surveys in 8 hours by going to four different hypermarkets. You know, it is hard in Singapore, as most of the people go to shop little grocery in a hurry.

“Sir/Madam, good morning/afternoon, would you like to conduct a short survey with me?”

“Sorry, I am in hurry! Next time, next time ya.”
Some of them will act cool by shaking their head or palms, without a word.


ntu logo


My past experience told me that I had to be in student-look attire rather than office attire, in order to have a better approach. So I wore a NTU-logo red polo-T, with the accessory of earphone, and jeans.

I was asking the repeated question to two ladies.

“Good afternoon, madam, can I ask you some questions?” with smile, of course.

One of them replied, “Oh, no thanks.”, and then walked away from me with her friend.

Afterwards, I heard her friend asking her in Mandarin: “Why did you reject him? Or it is because you saw his NTU logo?” (Sorry, I didn’t have knife with me at that moment.)



Later, I came across with an Uncle, standing there.

“I did not support this campaign, this is not the way we go green. Singapore government is just showing off to other countries her green initiatives, This green movement does not origin from our heart!” he claimed.

Then, I asked, “Sir, what is the meaning of ‘origin from our heart’, in your opinion?”

“The political leaders(LSL, LKY?) should set a good example. Don’t just go green because of the world trend!”, How unlucky he was, being surveyed by the one who really has some green habits. I saw the plastics bags in his hands and didn’t dare to proceed this argument.


just follow law

“If government wish to mandate a law, stating that everyone should pay for each plastics bag used, do you agree? If yes, how much the charge will be?”, I asked the last question as the uncle seems a bit “pek cek”.

“Aiya, anything will be-lah! What government says, we just follow lo! We don’t have any influence in government policy making. Any charge, 5cents, 10cents, 50cents, as they like. If they charge you 50cents, can you protest? Here is Singapore, not Thailand, Malaysia. Do you it is democratic? ”

He ended in a high pitch tone and left away from me. I suppose he is the opposition supporter in Singapore.

“No.” I answered myself, after he had left.


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