Caring’s day

Have been considered for a few days, finally, I decide to join this activity.

Sunday morning, I woke up around 6am, waiting for 199-bus, and then taking MRT to Chinatown.

Afterward, a senior, Jie Ting, accompanied me to a residential area that is lived by those old folks that living alone. Singapore government has provided them a single unit in those 21-storeys flat, with S$100 allowance monthly. The environment in the flat is similar to the scene in the Hong Kong drama series. Compare to those homeless old folks, they are luckier.


Our task is to guide them down to a concourse, and wait for bus that will fetch them to Pasir Ris. This is my first time for using wheelchair, luckily, it is easy to handle. Most of them are speaking Hokkien and Cantonese. My Cantonese, hmmm…. still ok la~ Haha, at least they understand my word when I speak loudly. While we were waiting for buses, we had presented “Moon represents my heart” for them. Hmm… Not bad.

It was drizzling when we reached Pasir Ris. Then, we have to shelter them from the rain by using umbrella. Then, the rain becomes heavier and heavier. My next task is to shelter the barber and them that wish to have free hair cutting. The situation continued until half of my jean was wet and shoes were full of hair.

The ceremony had begun when we reached a multi-media hall. Several songs and drama were performed in order to celebrate Christmas with them. Omitting this part, it will be hardly to describe their joy, if you were not there.

After all, the ceremony ended. While still got some old folks stay in the hall waiting for the next bus, an idea pop up. Several seniors guided us to entertain the rest of them by performing sign-language songs. (Similar to those performances YSP and I taught during the Papar PB interaction camp) Can’t image how can I imitated those actions without a single practice. However, we had fun there. 🙂


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